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  • Barbe Rousse


    This pretty redhead, or rather copper, is an easy-drinking, slightly fizzy Belgian IPA with a subtle red fruit aroma and balanced bitterness.

    ABV: 6,5%
    IBU: 42
    EBC: 18

  • Frambo


    A lightly sparkling, easy-drinking beer with that little extra touch of raspberries and a subtle touch of rosemary! You can smell it straight away. It’s a real little bomb!

    Neither cloudy nor clear, with reddish and pinkish hues, its colour is on the borderline between juice and beer.

    ABV: 5,5%.
    IBU: 13
    EBC: 5,5

  • Mitch


    Brewed with lager yeast but fermented at ale temperatures, Mitch is a light and refreshing beer with a clear golden colour and light caramel malt notes, enhanced by aromas of lemon and tropical fruit!

    ABV: 6,5%
    IBU: 25,7
    EBC: 8.9