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  • Chipote-Les


    Santas Calaveras CHIPOTE-LES is a saison type blond beer brewed with chipotle as well as dried and smoked mexican chilli pepper.

    ​In its taste, we find subtle flavors of smoke, spices, mango and lime.

    It has an average body for a spicy and slightly bitter finish.

    CHIPOTE-LES is a beer of character that warms the body and the spirit but doesn’t burn the throat!

    ABV: 6,5%
    IBU: 36
    EBC: 8

  • Saison & Seizoen


    Dry and light, this Saison gives spice notes and fruit sweetness blended together throughout the taste in this beer.

    ABV: 5,9%

  • Saison Sichuan


    SAISON SICHUAN is a dark red saison infused with Sichuan pepper which gives it lemony and lychee flavours supported by Citra and Centennial hops.

    Caramel malts gives it body and biscuit/honey sweet aromas associated with toasted and chocolate notes.

    ABV: 7%
    IBU: 45
    EBC: 30